A little note to the readers out there

Thought I pop by and write a line about my Flickr being updated!
Hope to get some photographs from working with Pictureyourself Hull and add more of my Graphics work.
On Flickr I will also be updating with photographs taken outside work, personal work.

hope to be using this Flickr and my DAportfolio pages as my two main online portfolios.


latest and prob the last

Just started using Twitter these days! hard work and when you dont have many followers you do feel tad egoistic talking about yourself hahah
And my portfolio is being updated! been working on it for a few days now, still am working on it. Trying to get more of my graphic design work up. please have a view:

Since i am these days busy working with some freelance work, and twittering i am now mainly going to stay there and update, leaving this blog.

Hope to see some ppl on twitter!


Im back from Norway! good trip, not long lasting but =)
wish i had an easy button so i can send a photo on here when i see it. just need to learn how to i guess.
Bought this book, little guide about us norwegians actually haha.
This women from Australia has been living in Norway for 3 years when she wrote the books. Its her views of the Norwegians - its a recommended book! V funny!

Oh ye... those typical boring mags on the plane... found this perfume i so wanna see in real life! made like a fist - how funky is this:
well cool aint it!?