My self initiated is about experiment with photographing people and fashion, and out from those photographs create a visual identity for a fashion outlet.

The aim started as photographing the passion for music in nightclubs, then going closer into the people and linking them to different genre of music. After looking at how fashion in the different music genre, and how people group themselves in each genre, I decided to go closer on the rock genre for its attitude and roughness, and for the fact that I love the music myself.

I wanted to make an identity for a rocky fashion outlet that had urban, edgy and had the DIY feel to it without looking cheap. I picked out two models that I felt represented the brand the best. They both showed attitude and fashion style which made them stand out, which will make the brand stand out.The logo is based on old Gothic and old English calligraphy which I modernist., with ink spots to add to the feel of urban and rough finish as the trademark for the identity.

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